“maddening” stuff

my daily post about maddening

Maddening sometimes worries me a little bit because it could cause one to not react rationally.
I believe it depends though on the kind of day one is having.
Everything from an itch you can’t scratch, (wich is maddening in itself), to something major like a major disagreement with someone, can just sometimes make you want to pull all your hair out by the roots.
Another thing that could be maddening to someone is let’s say, I find something maddening and you do not, that could cause even more of those feelings of maddening.
On the other side of the coin, if I thought something was not a big deal and you did, that would also be maddening to me.
In other words, to me Maddening things are just frustrating and annoying things, plus that is from the Oxferd Dictionary. 🙂




When I think of the word mystical, I think about things like fairies, lepricons and unicorns. Also, I happen to be a believer in the afterlife, especially heaven, and that to me seems sort of mystical and magical. I am sure though that it is not magical in the least bit.

I have watched shows about lepricons and their pots of gold, or is that following rainbows.:) Anyway, I would love to have that cash no matter which it is.

So to sum it up, I believe that mystical and magical could almost mean the same
thing in my mind.

First blog post from word was unsuccessful

Last night I spent a little over 2 or 3 hours trying to post a blog with word 2016 using the blog template.
Well, it did not work very well, so I am currently posting here to tell you guys about it.

For one thing, I think that I was using slightly the incorrect URL, but I’m hoping through research, and this blog post, that maybe I will find a solution.
If and when I am successful, because, I will be successful, I shall let you know.
But for now, goodnight and have a nice day, whereever you are in this wonderful world of ours.